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Pressure Washer – 480v

Envirochem offers 480 volt screen cleaners which are built up to the same rigorous standards as our screen_cleaners_001
pressure washers. Envirochem’s screen cleaners have a 60 gal chemical storage tank. Electric units have automatic timers and low level shut-offs.

480 volt, Class 1, Div.2
1,000 psi
150′ power cord
7 hp motor
30 amp breaker required
Water flow – 5 gallons per minute
Automatic shutdown timer
60 gal tank
Automatic under fill shutoff
Engineered fabricated skid
Four part directional engineered pad eye system
Vibration isolator pads for motor and pump
Skid footprint is 54″ wide, 26″ long, 50″ tall
4″x8″ forklift pockets
Weight 1,000 lbs.