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Permian Basin Sand Haulers

The PBSH transportation fleet is unequaled in reliability and supports timely delivery of products. With 24-hour dispatching from our strategic stock points, PBSH’s truck fleet delivers anywhere the roads can take us.

PBSH has developed strategic alliances with its customers to provide warehouse management, logistic support and pneumatic and other specialized hauling. Materials can be accepted via standard shipment or railcar, stored at key locations, and ultimately delivered by our extensive transportation fleet.

Trust us for your critical trucking needs! Permian Basin Sand Haulers can deliver with our versitile trucking fleet!
Our trucking operations are here to help you 24-hours a day!
Contact us for any of your trucking needs!

Transportation Types:

  • Pneumatic Hauling
  • Specialized Hauling
  • Warehouse Management
  • Logistical Support


FDF Acquires Permian Basin Sand Haulers