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Our Code of Conduct

our_peopleFDF acknowledges that our people are our most valuable resources. Through the FDF human resource goal, we have defined the responsibility for developing that resource, our commitment to our people is to be the benchmark company to work for. We will accomplish this by promoting an environment where:

  • Fair and honest treatment of every individual is the norm.
  • Communication of opinions is encouraged.
  • We will attract, develop and promote the most qualified people.
  • There exists a balance between family, community and the company.
  • We recognize and reward proper behavior.
  • We encourage a positive approach to work.
  • Happiness and hard work go hand in hand.
  • We conduct ourselves with uncompromising honesty.
  • We commit to supporting the team environment.
  • Integrity based in Christian moral values is our character.

Our commitment to this philosophy will be demonstrated by our living this example.