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Lamentation 3:24

The Lord is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him.

November 18, 2016 I suffered a heart attack at the young age of 58. Knowing that I survived it what was I going to do for a income for my family. Knowing what the laws are for a truck driver that it was going to be tough to find a job. So I search and search for something local no luck of finding work for a driver in my shape. My search continued to finding a job or just something I can bring an income in the house.

I saw an add for FDF so for kicks and giggles I filled out the application about mid April of 2017. I didn’t want to go and drive again I had experience for what they needed. The last week of April I received a phone call from Buzz. I was up front and honest with him about my health. He assured me that he would have a position for me, as well would work with me.

I showed up out here on May 1, 2017 here now a year later I am still here. Over the last 12 months I had my isusses with my health. The company has worked with me, Buzz has also prayed over me. Something told me I believe it was the Lord this was the place for me to be. Buzz also assured me I would see changes a little by little it is getting there what he has vision of.

I came to work here not to make money but to be a positive influence on all new hands that come a board. Influence that the Lord has laid upon my heart to help others. Yes there has been times I have wanted to hang it up. FDF is a work in progress, yes there are a lot of companies that may and do pay better. FDF is not the perfect company either but in my life I have not found the perfect company. They are piecing together out here in Odessa, Tx a family atmosphere with the Lord working in the company. I was placed here for a reason to help out and to witness. Providing your heart is in the right place in your walk with the Lord. FDF is the place for you let God provide for you he will give you what you need.

Oscar the driver manager is working on laying a foundation down to build structure in the company for drivers. Is striving to make things better for drivers he needs good people that will work. That will have patience and weather any strom that comes along. The money is getting there and they are working on getting better equipment to work with. Before all this can happen we need strong dedicated people to work with. One of the talks over the year I had with Buzz he ask me to give him 6 months I would see changes. I have given that. Yes I have seen changes slowly each and everyday. The benefits with FDF is some of the best I have seen in my life. Believe me I am testing them out right now.

Your thinking about filling out an application to come to work here think long and hard. Clear your heart and mind and be open minded about. Please when you talk to the recruiter don’t tell him what you can do. Just tell him you would like to show the company what you can do. Commit to yourself and FDF 6 months at least of your time and give it a shot. There are good folks out here like Buzz and Oscar willing to work with you. As well as the drivers in this company. I feel in my heart we are the few and the proud. I will be open to helping anyone that starts with the company that is why God place me here I do believe this with my heart.

You gonna hear alot of negative about the company, even after you come to work here. I am asking give it a chance we need good folks here. Give me a chance to work with you and show you what you can do. To be straight forward if you always think negative this will not be the place for you. You can look at a glass of milk that is half full and and not half empty. Yes we can use you. Give Buzz and Oscar a chance to work with you.

Thank you for reading my review and may God Bless you in your decision.